Larry Jack’s Year End Review – 2015

Hey guys,
It’s that time of the year again, year-end list time. Needless to say, I saw a bunch of shows last year. I can’t really write much about my favorites, you probably don’t want to read “it was really, really good” ten times in a row. Of course, I could substitute “very good” a few times, but it’d still be dull. I will say that I have enjoyed seeing most of the bands this year, both local and traveling musicians.

Those of you that don’t frequent the music scene downtown may not realize the amazing amount of talent we are nuturing in this city. I would recommend that any of you reading this make an effort to see some our live local original music at least a few times this year. I can personally recommend any of the bands on this list, and plenty more, just ask.  Now on to numbers:

Total shows seen this year:  638
I think it may not be possible to beat last year’s total of 748.

Jinx – 133
Hang Fire – 102
Barrelhouse South – 67
Molly MacPherson’s – 45
Congress Street Social Club – 39
Sentient Bean – 15
Sulfur Studios – 12

As it has the last few years, the Jinx took first place. I was surprised to see Hang Fire ranked so high. I’m still sad to see that place go. If you haven’t been to the Barrelhouse in a while, be sure to check them out, they upgraded to one of the best sound systems and stages in town. The Social Club has also made lots of improvements to their stage and it looks great. I was glad to see newcomer Sulfur Studios on the list. I am looking forward to see what they do on this upcoming year.

Accomplices – 14
Bottles & Cans – 13
Hypnotics – 12
City Hotel – 11
Train Wrecks – 10
Eric Culberson – 10
Damon & The Shitkickers – 10
Curbdogs – 10
Toxic Shock – 9

This was the second year in a row that that the Accomplices were my most-seen band for the year. That is no surprise, I consider them one of the most talented bands in tow.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Bottles & Cans in the number two spot. Ray Lundy’s unique singing style combined with his deep knowledge of the blues make their shows very enjoyable. City Hotel is probably the best bluegrass band in town. Train Wrecks, Eric Culberson Band, and Damon & The Shitkickers should be familiar to anyone reading this blog, as they are some of the hardest working bands around town. Rounding out the list are a couple of newer Savannah bands, Toxic Shock and Curbdogs. Toxic Shock is an energetic punk band with members of Crazy Bag Lady and frontwoman Greta O. Curbdogs are a more straight-up rock and roll band.

Thanks to all of you who take the time to read this column and all of the blogs at hissing lawns. I hope to see some of you out at some shows soon, be sure to stop by and say “hello”.  

As always, don’t forget to drop some cash in the bucket if you like what you are hearing, the bands really appreciate the kindness.