Recap: Breakers @ The Jinx, Dec. 17


Only caught two Breakers’ song the other night. But, as I filed in from the weird, warm rain, I felt movement and energy colliding off the walls of the Jinx. The crowd — made up mostly of good and supportive friends; enough to fill the bar — danced, bumping bodies and shaking one another’s shoulders as if they hadn’t been together at Pinkie’s a night or two before.  

On stage the Breakers were a mirror or a magnifying glass to this energy — or maybe its source; it was hard to discern under the dim, drunken light. Their sound was what you’d expect if you’d seen them before: fast, moving, embracing, tight but erratic and sexual.

Samford Justice, lead singer, crooned and much of the bar knew lyrics and sang along. He seemed to stare at multiple members of the crowd at once; tension — like puppet strings — drew audience to performance.

As their show ended, Luca Carpenter and Corey Hines, bassist and guitarist, drifted from their stations on opposite ends of the stage toward the middle, where their foreheads came in gentle contact — like quarterback and left tackle after a touchdown only without the helmets and violence. Their foreheads stayed touching for moments, their lips slowly moving; maybe they were whispering congratulations back and forth or reveling in post-play high; maybe they were performing a last and private song.

From the floor, only some seven feet away, you couldn’t be sure. Voices in the crowd (and maybe one from me) shouted at the two — still unmoved — to kiss. They smiled, suddenly self-aware, and departed the stage to chants of “One more song.”

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