Bomb Shelter Records — one of Savannah’s newest labels — releases 2016 compilation

The Bomb Shelter came into being as one of Savannah’s most vital DIY spaces, especially for the 18-20 year olds who are barred from most Savannah venues. The house shows might have come to an end, but Bomb Shelter Records seems poised for a big 2016.

The new(ish) label has released this 6-song compilation by artists on their roster. We’ve already raved about Generation Pill’s Out​-​pāShənt. Among the other acts in the compilation is Nightingale News, who joined the Bomb Shelter roster in recent weeks. Check it out, via the label’s YouTube account:

Track list:

  1. Generation Pill, “Soggy Biscut” * 0:00
  2. Nightingale News, “Emerald Tsunami” 5:22
  3. Grimsel, “7th Cent Art” 8:44
  4. Culture Vulture, “House of Stone” 10:45
  5. KYLE, “Boost Power” * 16:39
  6. Valore, “Cigarette Burns” 20:29