Jeff Two-Names and The Born Agains, Between Symmetries, Sunglow and The Toxic Shock at Hang Fire – photos

For being known as a metal town, The Hostess City sure has a thriving punk scene. It was on full display Friday night with the free 3 band bill at Hang Fire covering a lot of ground in the genre.

First up was a band I’d really been looking forward to seeing, the grungy/punky/melodic rock outfit Between Symmetries. Their new e.p. Movetur is garnering some pretty good press and the live show definitely backs it up. High energy, good presence and the ever important having-a-good-time-on-stage. Cool.

Speaking of cool, Greta O and The Toxic Shock were cool as always, with Greta belting it out in the pit at times. The guys in the band seem kinda familiar, too, but with the bags on their heads, I just can’t quite put my finger on where I know them from. Crazy.

How could the night possibly get any better? Why with Savannah’s (the world’s?) best snotty Dad punk band named Jeff Two-Names and The Born Agains, of course. Truly there is no greater band with that name. It was the CD release of #DADBAND, and they played all the (begin air quotes here) hits (end air quotes). What more could you ask for? One note, one fret solo, you say? Done. Nameless bass player? They’ve got one of those. The city’s best stage banter? Duh. Hilarious self referencing lyrics? Yep, you know it. I was grinning like an idiot the whole time.

I missed out on the electro goodness that is Sunglow, but the crowd was in a dancing mood, and I can only assume that’s exactly what they did.

Lots o’ pics after the jump.

Between Symmetries-4

The Toxic Shock-2

JTN and TBA-6

Between Symmetries
Between Symmetries-1

Between Symmetries-2

Between Symmetries-3

Between Symmetries-5

Between Symmetries-6

Between Symmetries-7

Between Symmetries-8

The Toxic Shock

The Toxic Shock-1

The Toxic Shock-3

The Toxic Shock-4

The Toxic Shock-5

The Toxic Shock-6

The Toxic Shock-7

Jeff Two-Names and The Born Agains
JTN and TBA-1

JTN and TBA-2

JTN and TBA-3

JTN and TBA-4

JTN and TBA-5

JTN and TBA-7

JTN and TBA-8

JTN and TBA-9

JTN and TBA-10

JTN and TBA-11

JTN and TBA-12

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