Triathalon Record Release with Crazy Bag Lady, Jeff Zagers, and Culture Vulture – Photos

It’s always interesting to see the way a band’s sound will develop and evolve over time. Case in point: Triathalon.

The Savannah locals released their second LP, Nothing Bothers Me, just a little while ago, and if you haven’t given it a spin just yet, drop what you’re doing and give it a listen. My first experience with Triathalon a few years ago left me with a very distinct garage rock meets surf rock vibe; a little lo-fi and a little jangly with a heavy dash of surfiness for good measure. The surf influence is still very much at the forefront with Nothing Bothers Me, but the garage rock has given way a little bit and now shares the stage with a very smooth vibe. The jangly-ness (I’m fairly sure I just made that word up so I’m going to attempt to trademark it now) of Lo-Tide, Triathalon’s first album, partners well with the new mellowed out, reverb heavy, guitar effects and synths that Triathalon now sports. The appeal was evident as their album release show featuring a slew of all-star local acts including Crazy Bag Lady, Jeff Zagers, and Culture Vulture packed out Hang Fire.

Check out some shots from the release below and be sure to give Nothing Bothers Me a spin soon!


Crazy Bag Lady5

Jeff Zagers3

Culture Vulture4

Culture Vulture3 Culture Vulture1 Culture Vulture2

Jeff Zagers4

Jeff Zagers1

Crazy Bag Lady1

Crazy Bag Lady2

Crazy Bag Lady3

Crazy Bag Lady4