Furious Hooves releases new Gnaw Rains video + cassettes for Cassette Store Day

Furious Hooves — the indie label based in part in Savannah — has two new releases coming out on Cassette Store Day on 10/17: STAY RAD SAV, which is being released jointly with Soft Science Records, and FURIOUS HOOPS VOL. 01, which was featured by Rolling Stone in advance of Record Store Day.

In conjunction with those new releases, here’s the premiere of Gnaw Rains‘ video for “White Chocolate, Black Pleather”, one of the tracks on FURIOUS HOOPS VOL. 01:

In other news from Furious Hooves, the dream-pop/indie-folk act Heavy Boots (aka, Rachael Perisho) teamed with the guys in Triathalon to make the new record Sister Lives. Check out the new music video for “So Long”, which was directed by Chad Chilton of Triathalon, Rachael Perisho, and Maria Gelsomini:

You can buy Sister Lives on cassette here, and you can find a Furious Hooves table on 10/16 at the 4th anniversary party of Graveface Records & Curiosities.