Creepoid and their label Collect Records struggle with unwanted controversy

This classy, heartfelt post from Creepoid’s Facebook page pretty much says it all:

Yesterday, along with thousands of others, we learned about the actions of a man named Martin Shkreli, who recently…

Posted by creepoid on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

It’s clear from Noisey’s interview with Collect Records’ Geoff Rickly, that the label didn’t know of Shkreli’s business history, beyond the fact that he had money to invest with few if any strings attached, and was blindsided by Shkreli’s decision to raise the cost of the vital drug Daraprim by 5,000-plus percent. Shkreli has now said that he will lower the price, but he has NOT said what the new price would be.

There’s no way of seeing how this will play out from here, but I don’t know how Collect could survive if it doesn’t sever all ties with Shkreli.

Here at hissing lawns, we’re just hoping that Creepoid — a fucking great band — can weather this controversy and keep bringing the music to the people, wherever they are. We loved their latest record Cemetery Highrise Slum, and we love that Savannah for a number of months became the band’s home.