we are always looking for new contributors to this music blog

hissing lawns, which is named in honor of a Joni Mitchell album, was founded almost exactly two years ago. In spring of 2015, even though we had been around only a year and a half, readers of Connect Savannah chose hissing lawns as Savannah’s best blog and even as runner-up for best Savannah website.

If you look over in the sidebars, you can see that we post a lot of photo galleries — primarily these are from Savannah shows (some local acts, some touring), but we’ve also covered festivals throughout the Southeast.

We have had 15 contributors over the last two years, but several have had to move on (two even took full-time journalism jobs) and others don’t contribute as much as they used to.

If you are interested in contributing to hissing lawns, here’s some general info to keep in mind:

  • we can’t pay you
  • we don’t make assignments — you cover things you want to cover
  • we can’t write about house shows — they will get shut down if they get too much press
  • we are always looking for show previews and reviews, record reviews, interviews, photo galleries, whatever
  • we generally like to keep things upbeat — with so much good music out there, why dwell on the negative?
  • we’d like more than 50 percent of our posts to be about the Savannah scene, but we have plenty of room right now for other coverage
  • we have specific needs for coverage of some types of music (especially hip-hop, rap, and pop) and coverage of venues that we don’t routinely patronize, but we can always use more coverage of everything

If you are interested in contributing, please get in touch with me (Bill Dawers) via a message to the hissing lawns Facebook page.