Hang Fire announces 11 acts for 8/29, final day on Whitaker

Surely you all know that Hang Fire’s lease is expiring at the end of the month? If not, read our previous post for some background.

Hang Fire’s Heather Flagle emailed info about the grand plans — all free — for the final day in business at 37 Whitaker Street. It’s an 11-act lineup with an early set of shows, capped by Superhorse who christened the space almost a decade ago, and a night set.

Day Set 5-8:30

  • Curbdogs
  • Carpet Coats
  • Lovely Locks
  • Superhorse

Night Set 10 to closing

  • Red Sea
  • Blonde Mom
  • Triathslon
  • Crazy Bag Lady
  • White Treasure
  • House of Gunt
  • Wax Tan Body (formerly Cheedoh Du$t)

Here’s what Heather had to say about the lineup and the plans for the day:

Yes it’s jam packed with our favorite locals from over the years. We were so excited to get Superhorse on the bill. They were the first to ever perform at Hangfire. They played our grand opening party in 2006. It’s wonderfully fitting to have them also close this chapter.

And all of those who are now our regulars on stage, Crazy Bag Lady, House of Gunt and Triathalon. These are the guys who have been around and really been along side of us, (helping us grow, while we are growing together) since we started having shows again a few years back and who are now bringing in tons of good touring bands from all over the country.

And then we have a couple rare gems on there too, Lovely Locks are coming together for the first time in quite a while. White Treasure only emerges from the shadows when the stars align. Curbdogs and Carpet Coats are 2 of our new faves. Red Sea is from Atlanta, but our sound engineer, Andrew Olson, plays with them and was able to get them down here. Blonde Mom is a brand new local solo. This is a FREE event on Saturday August 29th. This is set to be our last day of business at 37 Whitaker St. As you may know, there is nothing I love more than a good surprise. I have a few things planned for everyone 😉

Hope to see you all there!