Waits & Co. releases self-titled EP

Regular hissing lawns contributor Jon Waits wears a number of hats around town. He works as a freelance photographer and as a singer-songwriter he fronts Waits & Co., which has just released the band’s first EP. Check it out below (or just click here to go right to the Bandcamp page for music and merch purchases):

Jon is joined in Waits & Co. by Markus Kuhlmann and John Pizzichemi. Jon reports that the plan is to record a full album in 2016. At this time, the self-titled EP is available only digitally. From the Bandcamp page: “his EP was recorded as you would hear us perform at one of our gigs. We went the old-school route of minimal live takes with no slick over-production or extra editing in tracks afterwards…just three musicians playing straight up good music and having fun together.”