Kylesa releases first song from album coming out on Oct. 2

Great news yesterday from Kylesa: the new album Exhausting Fire will be released on Oct. 2 on Season of Mist.

Check out “Lost and Confused”, which seems at first like it could be dipping into some sort of dream pop drone, but this is Kylesa, and the heavy stuff takes over fast:

From PopMatters: “14 years and seven albums into their career, Kylesa keep on evolving. Starting out as crust punk, morphing into more of a sludge metal sound, and finally expanding into a psychedelic heavy rock sound they can truly call their own, the Savannah, Georgia band have come into their own ever since the release of the revelatory Static Tensions album in 2009.”

PopMatters also has Kylesa’s updated tour schedule, which includes a date at The Jinx here in Savannah on October 9th. Click here to pre-order the record from Season of Mist.

Kylesa at The Jinx

Kylesa at The Jinx