Niche releases “Heading East” on Friday night at The Jinx

If you live anywhere near Savannah and love rock and roll, you should think about getting yourself to The Jinx tonight (Friday, 7/24) for Niche‘s release of Heading East on the Retro Futurist label.

Check out the event details. $10 cover gets you a CD. Bask will open.

From Bradley Mullis in Do Savannah:

The group coins their sound as “’70s-influenced rock with Southern and psychedelic tendencies.” Instead of copying traditional rock ‘n’ roll elements, Niche puts them all together for their interpretation of rock, delivering groovy riffs at a steady pace with weary but upbeat melodies.

From Anna Chandler’s interview with Justin Dick in Connect Savannah:

Niche’s Retro Futurist debut, Heading East, is a tidal epic, sending listeners roaming across expanses of hot, hard-beaten earth and soaring them skyward in airy, psychedelic swirls. Sprawling out of the dynamic dueling guitars of Dick and Niche’s newest member Kris Maedke-Russell, their huge, ‘70s-steeped sound is awakened by Corey Barhorst’s organ, Mike Redmond’s full-throttle bass, and the incredible chops of drummer Lee Vallier.

So, you should go. Here are a few shots of a previous Niche show at The Jinx.