Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 7/8/15 – 7/15/15

Hey guys,
There are not as many choices this week as on previous weeks, but there are still plenty of quality shows to choose from. There are a few shows that I would really like to point out, like the BJ Barham/Everymen show tonight (Wednesday) at the Jinx. BJ Barham is the frontman for American Aquarium, and if you have never seen Everymen, be prepared for anything. Saturday should be busy, with Thomas Wynn & the Believers at the Grey in the afternoon and the return of the CUSSES to Hang Fire that evening. And Creepoid is playing an album release at Hang Fire on Monday.

Wednesday 7/8
Everymen, BJ BarhamJinx ($10)

Thursday 7/9
Miggs & KNife, Dinosaur Burps, Jimmy Crow Blue, EveQ, Teddy Knows BestWormhole ($3)
Eric BrittMolly MacPherson’s

Friday 7/10
Bottles & CansMansion On Forsyth (8p)
Outlaw Ritual, Skunk RuckusJinx ($6)
Southern BellesCongress Street Social Club

Saturday 7/11
Thomas Wynn & The BelieversThe Grey (12-3p, $21 includes a drink and food)
AccomplicesCongress Street Social Club
CUSSES (12:10), Bronzed Chorus (11:15), Crazy Bag Lady (10:30), Fiasco (9:45), Generational Pill (9p)- Hang Fire (9p, note the early start time)
Gen Patton and the Heads of StateMolly MacPherson’s
New York Disco Villains, Pussy LauncherJinx ($7)

Sunday 7/12
Between Symmetries, Miquel MoureFoundery Coffee Pub (all ages, 8:30-10:00p)

Monday 7/13
Creepoid Album Release, Crazy Bag LadyHang Fire

Thursday 7/16
Bradford Lee Folk & The Bluegrass PlayboysSentient Bean