Man Man, Ed Schrader’s Music Beat at The Jinx – photos

The frenetic Man Man and Ed Schrader’s Music Beat filled The Jinx with both music and people last Thursday. I’m almost to the point that I’ll attend any Musicfile Productions show without knowing or listening to the band, their recent track record is that good.

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat was a two piece, drum (singular) and bass, but easily held my attention, even with such sparse instrumentation. The uptempo tunes were straight up noise rock, without the abrasiveness that often accompanies the genre. The slower, moodier songs gave both the crowd and artists a bit of a breather. I really enjoyed their set, and even liked the strong white light from below (much of it came from the illuminated drum) that they had on stage, even if it makes for some hard shadows in pictures. At least it was different.

I had heard from several friends in the past that Man Man puts on an amazing show, and they weren’t lying. Energetic multi instrumentalists with legitimately catchy songs is a good start to a great set, add in actual showmanship and a game crowd and you’re there (free flowing beer and liquor doesn’t hurt either). The energy in the room was great, I’d definitely go out of my way to see them again.

Check out some photos from the very entertaining night. More after the jump, as usual.

Ed Schraders Music Beat-1

Man Man-9

Ed Schrader’s Music Beat
Ed Schraders Music Beat-2

Ed Schraders Music Beat-3

Man Man
Man Man-1

Man Man-2

Man Man-3

Man Man-4

Man Man-5

Man Man-6

Man Man-7

Man Man-8

Man Man-10

Man Man-11