Christopher Paul Stelling – photos & video

I first met Christopher Paul Stelling several years ago through a run that he did with The Unchained Tour as their musical guest, and have since had the chance to spend more time with him during several years of Savannah Stopover. I shot a series of photographs of Christopher during a quick break in his hectic schedule back in 2014, quite by ‘happy accident’ and then again this year for Savannah Magazine; click on the link below. A constant traveler, and one of the hardest working performers in my periphery, it would appear that the many highway miles and endless touring seem to be finally paying off. It’s indeed well deserved.

christopher paul stelling - Sav Stop 4-2

Instead of a critique, or review of his latest album Labor Against Waste, I’ll just post these links and let you be the judge. I will say that his unique style is a powerful thing to hear, and while I find this album to be well crafted…I personally prefer the hair standing up on the back of my neck experience of catching him live. Good thing…he’ll be back in town for a performance at this year’s Revival Fest and I’m hopeful that there may be other solo performances in Savannah to hear him as well. Stay tuned….

christopher paul stelling - Sav Stop 4-3

A few of my more recent photos of Christopher can be seen by following” target=”_blank”>this link.