Preview: Parker Millsap at Savannah Revival Fest

The 2015 Savannah Revival Fest lineup was announced last week, and while I was excited to see that Southern Culture on the Skids and Those Darlins will be returning to town, I was most excited to see Parker Millsap‘s name on the bill.

Millsap is a 22-year-old Oklahoma native with a baby face and a grown man’s voice, but it’s his knack for crafting a song that makes him stand out as a unique talent. Without the life experiences one might expect a songwriter operating in the American traditions of folk, blues, and country & western to possess, Millsap eschews personal yarns in favor of character sketches that expertly capture the intricacies of the American experience.

For example, “Heaven Sent” — which is not yet available on official release — is described by Millsap as “a love letter from a son who’s gay, to his father who’s a pastor at a small Baptist church in rural anywhere, America.” It’s a moving, heartfelt song that depicts the heartache and chasm created by cultural divides here in 21st Century America.


Elsewhere, the lead single off Millsap’s self-titled debut album, the shit-kicking “Truck Stop Gospel,” is about a preacher who drives his rig across the country in hopes of saving the truckers and lot lizards that people this nation’s truck stops. I’m not sure if that’s actually a thing, but it feels like it’s absolutely a thing, and it makes for a heck of a compelling song.


Like in previous years, I’m sure this year’s Revival Fest will afford all of us the opportunity to discover some new favorites; however, Millsap is one act I’m already excited to hear in the Railroad Museum’s Paint Shops.

Revival Fest tickets are on sale now. There are limited quantities of advanced tickets available for $35, so get ‘em before they go up to the regular price of $45!