Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 5/21/15 – 5/28/15

Hey guys,
I would like to say is a big “Thank you” to anyone reading that voted for this blog in the Connect contest. Tom Cartmel and I got a chance to go to the party for the first time, and we really had a good time.  Thanks for giving me the opportunity to go.  On with the picks for the weeks.

Thursday 21st
Bit Brigade, DOT, Trophy Wives, Nightly Borders – Chromatic Dragon (8p)
Caleb Warren & The Perfect Gentlemen, Clouds & Satellites – Trinity Church ($10, 7:30p)

Friday 22nd
AmbroseCongress Street Social Club
Crazy Man Crazy, Whiskey DiabloWormhole
Hoplight, SPOREBarrelhouse South
Magic RocksMolly MacPherson’s
OceanstoneWorld Of Beer
Waits & Co, Caleb Warren & The Perfect Gentlemen, City HotelJinx
Heavy PetsSouthbound Anniversary Concert

Saturday 23rd
Eric Sommer Sentient Bean
Atlas Road Crew, The FritzBarrelhouse South
Black Tusk, Bottled Violence (Minor Threat cover band), Prone, DJ Metal RobJinx ($10)
Trongone Band (VA rock family w/ trombone) – Congress Street Social Club

Sunday 24th
Wood And Steel – Rocks On The Roof
U2BYUV (U2 tribute band), Steppin StonesWild Wing

Tuesday 26th
Clouds & SatellitesFoxy Loxy Cafe

Wednesday 27th
Pussy Launcher, Death Of Paris, Sins Of Godless Men, HotplateHang Fire

Thursday 28th
Those CatsBarrelhouse South