hey readers, thank you again. seriously.

Tom Cartmel and Larry Jack Sammons were the official hissing lawns representatives last night at the Morris Center to pick up our award for being chosen Savannah’s best blog for 2015 in Connect Savannah’s Best of Savannah readers’ poll, but there were other people associated with our site who were also on hand, including Jon Waits, Jason Nielubowicz, Kayne Lanahan, and Anna Chandler (a former contributor who is now Connect’s A&E editor).

As it turns out, we didn’t just win the award for best Savannah-based blog. hissing lawns was also runner-up for best website to Connect Savannah itself. I’m not really sure what people were voting for when they typed us in for that latter category — the simplicity of the design? the breadth of the photography? the seriousness with which we examine the local music scene? our heavy use of video and audio? Whatever the case, we’re pretty freakin’ pleased.

Kayne Lanahan, Tom Cartmel, Jason Nielubowicz, & Larry Jack Sammons

Kayne Lanahan, Tom Cartmel, Jason Nielubowicz, & Larry Jack Sammons

Because of a torrential downpour, our certificate was left at the party, so that photo above might be the only hard evidence of our win. We may not have the physical certificate, but we do have this fine photo of Larry Jack with Wet Socks, in tacky drag:


My Facebook feed was filled today with various recognitions for people and places we’ve covered extensively, including Black Tusk, CUSSES, Velvet Caravan, Crazy Bag Lady, The Jinx, and lots more — I’d try to list them all, but there’s no way I could get them all right.

And a few more photos that Jason took, include some of Wet Socks performing:







And, for the heck of it, here’s Wet Socks’ video for “Library Card” — Connect’s winner for best video — from Drips, winner of best Savannah album.

May we all have this much fun before Connect’s 2016 party.