Deadly Lo-Fi, The Lonely Teardrops, & Wet Socks at The Jinx – photos

If I had to sum up last Saturday night at The Jinx in one photo:

Deadly Lo-Fi-5

It was one of those strange nights downtown — a vicious storm kept some lame people at home, but that just left more music for the rest of us. Deadly Lo-Fi from Carolina Beach, N.C., The Lonely Teardrops from Norfolk, and Wet Socks from right here in Savannah killed it.

How often do you go to a rock club and hear three duos on the bill?

Wet Socks just keeps getting better and better. Hunter and John are trying out some new things vocally, they’re varying the tempo a little more, and they seem more relaxed on stage all the time. The Lonely Teardrops mixed garage-y styles from every decade I’ve been alive, and Deadly Lo-Fi featured a lead singer playing guitar while drumming with his feet and a keyboardist/saxophonist/bassist wearing a skull mask. (Or maybe it wasn’t a mask!) As it got closer to 2 a.m., the lead singer and guitarist for The Lonely Teardrops — her name is Katie Teardrop, if you believe the band’s Facebook page — hopped up on stage and dragged a few other dancers from the audience with her.

It was a great night of high-energy music. Here’s Wet Socks, with more of all the bands after the jump:

Wet Socks-2

Wet Socks-1

Wet Socks-3

Wet Socks-4

The Lonely Teardrops-1

The Lonely Teardrops-4

The Lonely Teardrops-2

The Lonely Teardrops-3

Deadly Lo-Fi-1

Deadly Lo-Fi-2

Deadly Lo-Fi-3

Deadly Lo-Fi-4

Deadly Lo-Fi-6

Deadly Lo-Fi-7

Deadly Lo-Fi-8

Deadly Lo-Fi-9

Deadly Lo-Fi-10

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