A.U.R.A. Fest comes to Statesboro, April 25th & 26th

Coastal Rock Productions brings A.U.R.A. Fest to Statesboro’s Bigshow’s Burgers and Bar on April 25th and 26th. This impressive weekend lineup is another step in the return of promoter Timothy Walls to the Savannah area scene.

From Connect Savannah:

“I’M nicknaming this ‘Concert Impossible,” laughs Tim Walls. “If we can pull this off, it’s gonna be really awesome.”

It’s been a decade since the last All Underground Rock All Day (A.U.R.A.) Fest, and Walls, the force behind Coastal Rock Productions, is resurrecting the tradition he started. For two days, Bigshow’s Burgers and Bar in Statesboro will be taken over by regional and local bands playing a blistering range of hardcore, metal, emo, and just good ol’ fashioned rock ‘n’ roll music.

From Do Savannah:

“The venue is the same building I did A.U.R.A. Fest in back in 2001,” Walls said. “It’s a different business, but the same building. It was just an awesome memory, in terms of the crowd and the energy and how the show went back then. I love this spot. The shows I’ve been doing lately (at this venue) have been coming out pretty good.”

Here’s the schedule from the Facebook event page (which is also the place to go for ticket information):

Saturday 4/25 Schedule:

The Independents – Myrtle Beach, SC Horror Punk 10 PM

Me and the Trinity – Savannah, GA Hardcore 9:00 PM

BEAR FiGHT – Savannah, GA Rock 8:00 PM

The Powder Room – Athens, GA Rock 7:00 PM

SHEHEHE – Athens, GA Garage/Punk Rock 6:00 PM

Solomon’s Ghost – Statesboro, GA Metal 5:00 PM

Seagulls – Atlanta, GA Punk Rock 4:00 PM

Awaken The Dawn – Savannah, GA Metal 3:00 PM

A Call For Kylie- Jacksonville, FL Indie Rock 2:00 PM

Spray Tan – Atlanta, GA Punk 1:00 PM

Doors open at 12:30 PM

Sunday 4/26 Schedule:

Upon A Burning Body- Sumerian Records Metal 8:00 PM

Cinemechanica – Athens, GA Post Punk/Math Rock 7 PM


Pridemeat – Savannah, GA Metal 5:00 PM

Sins of Godless Men – Savannah, GA Rock 4:00 PM

Sincision – Statesboro, GA Metal 3:00 PM

Lost Boy – Augusta, GA Indie Rock 2:00 PM

At Heart – Savannah, GA Hardcore 1:00 PM

Doors open at 12:30 PM

Ages 18+. Tickets on sale Friday, March 27, 2015!
$6 for 4/25/2015. $12 for 4/26/2015. 2 Day Pass is $15.

A few shots of bands from Tom Cartmel:

Bear Fight!
bear fight!-1

Powder Room
powder room-1



Sins of Godless Men
Sins of Godless Men-1