Kylesa featured on Nirvana tribute compilation

Do we need another Nirvana tribute album? Do we need to hear the ubiquitous songs of Nevermind ever again? The answer to both is a resounding “yes” when the bands covering the tunes are the quality of local metal heroes Kylesa, Savannah favorites Torche, and other genre big names including Young Widows, Cave In, Boris, Nothing, and Thou.

Each cover seems to do the original justice, a rarity in this kind of cover album. The bands put their own noisey/heavy/sludgy/psychedelic stamp on classics like “Breed”, “Lithium”, “Come As You Are”, and “In Bloom”.

Don’t expect carbon copy covers, but if you like a little experimentation and noise, this Robotic Empire release is totally worth checking out. Stream the Record Store Day release, or better yet, purchase it here.