Fucked Up to play all ages Savannah show

I have literally never been more excited to write a headline in my life. For those of you who are in the know….HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS, FUCKED UP IS PLAYING SAVANNAH! SERIOUSLY.

Okay, now with a bit more restraint, and details. Polaris Prize-winning experimental post hardcore outfit Fucked Up is playing an all ages MusicFile Productions show at Southern Pine Company on July 1st, supporting the band’s upcoming EP Year of the Hare, the seventh release in their Chinese Zodiac series.

Fucked Up will expand their live lineup to nine members with friends from DOOMSQUAD, who are also on the bill. Savannah’s own Crazy Bag Lady deservedly opens.

If you’re still a little lost, Fucked Up is a 6 piece rock band out of Toronto. While they started as a hardcore punk band releasing a string of 7″ singles, their first full length album Hidden World showed an experimental side, adding strings and compositional elements not usually associated with the genre. The experimentation continued with the next effort Chemistry of Common Life, which won the Polaris Music Prize, given to the Canadian album with the highest artistic merit. After rumors of a breakup, Fucked Up produced David Comes to Life, a rock opera set in Thatcher era England (for real) that received nearly universal acclaim, was nominated for another Polaris Music Prize, and was named Spin magazine’s #1 album of the year. Glass Boys followed in 2014.

In addition to the full lengths, Fucked Up has put out a series of EPs based on the Chinese Zodiac at a pace of roughly one a year, the upcoming Year of the Hare on Deathwish Inc. being the 7th installment. The EPs indulge the band’s progressive side, often featuring collaborators and tracks running 15 minutes or more.

While they have won accolades for their recordings, the band’s true strength is their live show. Singer Damian Abraham quickly disappears into the crowd, barking vocals and often sharing the mic with fans. Meanwhile, the band is a super tight, riffing juggernaut on the stage behind him. I say without hesitation that they are one of the most powerful live bands I have seen in the last several years.

According to today’s press release from MusicFile, tickets go on sale Friday, April 24th at noon (Savannah time) for $15.00 on Ticketfly. This show is ALL AGES (no alcohol will be sold) and is one of just 10 U.S. dates on this tour.

Zodiac Poster USA


Here are some pics from All Tomorrow’s Parties New York 2010 and Fun Fun Fun Fest (Austin, TX) 2012.

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