a reunion of sorts as Gymshorts performs with Triathalon and Wet Socks at Hang Fire

I’m not sure if the word “reunion” is appropriate here — maybe all the musicians who will be on stage tonight (Tuesday, 4/7) at Hang Fire are just too young for any sort of reunion.

Still, it’s going to be quite a night of barroom rock — with elements of garage, surf, punk — that reunites bass player Mike Younker, now with Providence-based Gymshorts, with his friends and former bandmates in Triathalon and Wet Socks, both based here in Savannah.

Mike was the bass player for Triathalon when I started following the band over three years ago. Here’s a shot from a No Control show in spring 2012 (yes, Mike looks a little different these days):


Not long after this, Mike’s side project Sauna Heat soon started gaining steam, and Mike was also an early collaborator with Hunter Jayne on the first incarnations of Wet Socks, which now consists only of Hunter and drummer John Zimmerman. In 2014, Mike landed in Rhode Island with Gymshorts.

We’ve been lucky to have so many talented young musicians fueling the local scene in recent years — and a lot of that talent will be on hand for the 4/7 Hang Fire gig.

All these releases are worth a listen, and there are a few pics after the jump:








Wet Socks-6

Wet Socks-11

Wet Socks-10