Savannah Stopover V preview: 3 picks for day 2

Day 2 is upon us. Here’s hoping you didn’t overdo it last night, don’t forget there are two more days of this. Last night I made it to Turbo Fruits, S.C.O.T.S, Nightingale News (thanks for the lift Timmy Welter), Ryley Walker, Les Racquet, Alanna Royale, and PitchBlak Brass Band. Not bad for night one. Had I been a little more motivated I could haven taken in some of the bands at Hang Fire.

Fire Mountain – 5:30 Friday at Ampersand: Each time this Alabama band’s tune “Be Your Eyes” comes around on my Savannah Stopover playlist, I’ve noticed my mood improves just a bit and I turn up the volume.

Guthrie Brown & The Family Tree – 6:30 at Ampersand: I imagine I’ll make a quick trip to the poster exhibition at The Jepson Center between these two bands. This is another one I’ve really been enjoying on my Savannah Stopover playlist these last few months.

Capsula – 11:30 at The Jinx: This band put on an amazing show at The Dollhouse last year. What can I say other than I want more. Highly recommended, we’re fortunate to have them back in Savannah.

A final note, I encourage everyone to check out the shows at Trinity. Call that a fourth recommendation if you like, but it’s a venue rather than a band so I’m tossing it in. It was wonderful listening to Ryley Walker there last night, and I expect to be there again at some point this evening for Bombadil among others.