Savannah Stopover 2015 Spotlight – Gap Dream

Just a few more days until one of Savannah’s biggest music festivals officially takes off! Hopefully, you’ve gotten a chance to familiarize yourself with a few of the touring acts on that ever-so-daunting list of Savannah Stopover artists, but if you’re like me, you’re more than likely still perusing the list on a daily basis as to not miss any awesome acts. Well, allow me to make at least one decision a bit more simple for you and introduce you to Gap Dream.

[EDIT, 3/5: It looks like Gap Dream has had to drop out of the Savannah Stopover lineup.]

Gap Dream

Gap Dream is the brain child of Gabe Fulvimar out of Fullerton, CA. Taking a look at some of Fulvimar’s label mates on both Suicide Squeeze Records as well as Burger Records, Gap Dream may seem a bit out of place when grouped with other acts who lie decidedly more on the garage/lo-fi rock side of the spectrum. Don’t be deceived though, although Gap Dream makes heavy use of synthesizers and electronic effects meld into a stellar synth-pop/psychedelic fusion, Fulvimar’s influence from 60’s psych-rock as well as 80’s/90’s No Wave is quite apparent as well. Gap Dream’s latest release, Shine Your Light, is a prime example of this. Tracks such as “Love Is Not Allowed” and “Come Home” exemplify Gap Dream’s ambient and synth-heavy side while other tracks such as “You’re From The Shadow” and “Immediate Life Sentence” display a more rock oriented style which actually sounds a bit similar to a fleshed out, effects-laden version of The Black Keys.

Be sure to catch Gap Dream Friday night (or Saturday morning if you take things a bit more literally) at midnight over at Hang Fire. Also, keep an eye out right here for a few more “not to be missed” gems from the awesome selection of touring bands at this year’s Stopover! See you there!.