Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 2/26/15 – 3/3/15

Hey guys,
As usual, there is a lot of good music coming up this weekend. There are several interesting-looking shows, but my pick of the week would be City Hotel’s CD Release Party at Southbound on Friday. I was lucky enough to get a sneak preview of their new disc, Dogged Days, last week, and I have been humming songs from it ever since. One of my criteria for liking a disc is that I prefer it to sound like the band sounds in concert, and I thought they captured their “live sound” quite well. Just in case no one has been paying attention, there have been several exciting recent CD releases by local bands in  the last few months. The Accomplices, Train Wrecks, American Hologram, and Wet Socks all immediately come to mind, but I am sure there are lots more (sorry about those I forgot, it doesn’t mean I didn’t like it, it means I’m old and my memory is shot).  

Here are some more recommendations for the week.

Thursday 26th
1349 (Norwegian aural hellfire), Origin (Kansas death shred), Wolvhammer (death metal)- Jinx ($15)
Blackrune (Sav’h dream drone) – Sentient Bean
Eric Culberson Band (Sav’h blues) – Bayou Cafe
Morning Fatty (funk reggae rock band), Chris Stalecup & The Grange (Atlanta Americana) – Barrelhouse South
Giving Up, Life Partner, Curbdogs, Wet Socks, DIP, BoyfriendHang Fire (9:15, $5)
Main Street TrioAmpersand (10p)

Friday 27th
City Hotel (Sav’h bluegrass) CD Release Party – Southbound Brewery  (8p, $20)
Alex Raffray (Forced Entry frontman), Jeff Zagers (Sav’h electro-acoustic), Hot Plate (Sav’h instrumental progressive rock), Dope Sandwich (Sav’h hip-hop) – Hang Fire
Bottles & Cans (Sav’h blues) – Jazz’d
Dirt Queen (Philly rock), Waitress (Athens rock) – Jinx
Lovely Locks (Sav’h rock) – BarFood
Stereo Reform (Greenville dance-a-funk-a-rock-a-tronic) – Congress Street Social Club
Whitley Deputy (Hilton Head rock) – Barrelhouse South
Woven In (Florida sappy surfy love songs), Whiskey Wednesday (Sav’h dixie punk blackgrass),  Sunglow (Sav’h electronica),  Denedra Bloodbath  – Graveface Records (6:30-10p)

Saturday 28th
Ben Keiser Band (Sav’h rock) – Rocks On The Roof
The Congress (Richmond rock) – Barrelhouse South
Crazy Man Crazy (Sav’h rockabilly)- Tybee Social Club
Hooten’ Hallers (Columbia, MO blues, soul, rock), Hurly Burly, Savannah Sweet Tease BurlesqueJinx ($10)
Incredibly Tall PeopleWorld of Beer
Reckless Abandon (NC rock) – Congress Street Social Club
Velvet Caravan (Sav’h gypsy-jazz) – Jazz’d

Sunday 1st
Anna Chandler, Crystina Parker, Brit Scott, Thomas Oliver – Savannah Songwriters Series – Johnny Harris Restaurant (6p, free, all ages)

Tuesday 3rd
Payne Bridges (Sav’h singer-songwriter) – Foxy Loxy Cafe (7p)
RedneckromancerSentient Bean (7p)