American Aquarium, Nightingale News, Don Chambers at The Jinx – photos

Savannah favorite American Aquarium rolled through The Jinx again Saturday night, this time supporting their excellent new crowd funded album Wolves. The show was sold out (rightfully so), the new songs sounded great live, and the band was the kind of tight that only comes with playing a few thousand shows together. Really, really, excellent, to the surprise of no one that has seen them in the last couple years.

Coy Campbell’s new project, Nightingale News, impressed, too. Coy’s songs had a little more “bite” live than the excellent Bell Rope recording, fleshed out by resonator guitar played lap steel style by Stu Harmening, upright bass courtesy of Rachael Shaner, and the drumming of Markus Kuhlmann. I’m very much looking forward to seeing them on a regular basis and getting more familiar with the songs. Super stuff.

I caught just enough of opener Don Chambers to get one decent pic.

American Aquarium-7

Nightingale News-3

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Don Chambers
Don Chambers-1

Nightingale News
Nightingale News-1

Nightingale News-2

American Aquarium
American Aquarium-1

American Aquarium-2

American Aquarium-3

American Aquarium-4

American Aquarium-5

American Aquarium-6