Niche joins Retro Futurist label, new album coming later this year

Well we knew something good was in the works, and today it was officially announced that the Savannah-based rock band Niche will release their upcoming album via Retro Futurist Records.

Retro Futurist, founded by core members of Kylesa, has subtly shifted the Savannah music landscape. Punk rockers Crazy Bag Lady and garage rockers Wet Socks are already affiliated with Retro Futurist, and Niche’s heavy 70s sound seems like a good fit for the eclectic label too.

From Retro Futurist:

We at RF headquarters are pleased to announce that NICHE is joining the family. We’ve known the founding members Justin and Mike for over 15 years and their dedication to music has always been a major part to the individual personalities. What do they sound like? They play 70’s influenced rock with southern and psychedelic leanings. The current lineup includes Justin Dick (guitar/vocals), Michael Redmond (bass/vocals), Corey Barhorst (Hammond/synths; *Corey played bass in Kylesa off and on for several years), Lee Vallier (drums/percussion) and Kristopher Maedke-Russell (guitar/vocals).

Of course, as we noted in a post yesterday, Corey Barhorst is currently touring in Europe with Black Tusk.

We loved Niche’s first record The Other Side of the End:

And here are some pics of Niche that we’ve taken at past gigs (more after the jump):