Indie labels Furious Hooves, Soft Science team up for new Savannah music compilation

Indie labels Furious Hooves and Soft Science Records are joining forces for a new tape devoted to music by Savannah-based acts.

The compilation STAY RAD SAV “will feature a curated selection of the diverse and superb music scene in Savannah.” Click here for more.

Here are details for musicians who have songs that they’d like to be considered for inclusion:
(Between 0:30-4:00 minutes in length)
(Must either be new, unreleased, alternate version)
(No matter what genre; No matter how old or new)
(WAVs or AIFFs can be sent via

The deadline is April 1.


“Furious Hooves and Soft Science have been friends and fans of each other for quite some time now,” said Furious Hooves co-founder Ryan McCardle when I asked for some more info on the labels’ decision to team up. “We’ve always wanted to collaborate on something and this seemed like the perfect way to do just that.”

Soft Science Records co-founder Gus Muller added (joking): “We work to support & cultivate the creative community in SAV & are invested in that end goal, but are also ready/itching to blacklist artists who choose not to participate!”

Savannah has long had a diverse scene with many talented musicians, but that scene hasn’t always been documented and supported as it has deserved. That’s one reason we started this blog back in 2013, and it’s exciting to see Furious Hooves, Soft Science Records, and myriad other entities filling the voids.

3 comments for “Indie labels Furious Hooves, Soft Science team up for new Savannah music compilation

  1. Gord Cosby
    February 17, 2015 at 10:33

    If I were walking down the sidewalk, on fire, and Gus was walking past me with a big glass of water I wouldn’t let him put me out.

  2. Hunter Gather
    February 17, 2015 at 07:03

    Agreed Dan, I met him once & he had the limpest handshake that I’ve ever felt!

  3. Dan Zimmerman
    February 16, 2015 at 18:09

    That guy Gus is a total dick!

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