COEDS, Old Flings, Jeff Two-Names and the Born Agains, Trophy Wives at The Guild Hall – photos

There were quite a few choices in Savannah for a rock fan Saturday night, but I know what I like and I headed to The Guild Hall for an all ages punk/garage/power pop/rock and roll show that I pretty thoroughly enjoyed.

I had somehow never caught Trophy Wives before, but their pissed off, speedy, classic, girl fronted punk is something every scene should have. A good start to the evening.

If there was an award for best banter between songs, I’m pretty sure Jeff Two-Names and the Born Agains would be in the running for it. The old school pop punk songs are catchy as hell, too, on top of being hilarious. One fret, one string solo? Yep. Songs that deal with super important issues like Petee’s lack of a Ramones tee shirt? Check. I’m glad they’re playing around a lot more often recently. They’re pretty great, as they are quick to tell you.

Asheville, NC’s Old Flings were on my short list to see at The FEST this year, but once I realized it wasn’t easy to jump from venue to venue the short list got even shorter and I didn’t get to see them. Missed them play a Savannah Sweet Tease review at The Jinx, too. After seeing their great set of punky power pop Saturday night I will definitely be making a more concerted effort to catch them anytime that I can. I’m marking my calendar to see them play another Sweet Tease gig at The Jinx in April. Super nice guys who watched the other band’s sets, too. I truly respect that.

COEDS‘ Anna Chandler was under the weather, but that didn’t stop her and the band from kicking ass to end the night. The songs dig a little bit deeper into my brain each time that I see them and the new stuff sounds great, too. They even played a Jeff Two-Names cover to go along with their own classic college rock (that’s what we called it before it became “alternative”, youngsters) infused “ruckus ‘n’ roll”. I love them, and highly recommend you check them out if you get a chance, maybe at Savannah Stopover?

All in all a fun night. The Guild Hall is a good space for all ages shows, and I’d love for the crowds at the shows to start growing. Heck, go out early to see something interesting at The Guild Hall, and then head downtown late, as the all ages shows tend to finish up early. See you next time.


Old Flings
Old Flings-6

Jeff Two-Names
Jeff Two-Names and the Born Agains-2

Trophy Wives
Trophy Wives-1

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Trophy Wives
Trophy Wives-2

Trophy Wives-3

Jeff Two Names
Jeff Two-Names and the Born Agains-1

Old Flings
Old Flings-1

Old Flings-2

Old Flings-3

Old Flings-4

Old Flings-5