Anders Thomsen debuts his new Americana project at The Jinx – photos

I previewed Anders Thomsen’s new Americana project in my Unplugged column in Do a couple of weeks ago, and Anders’ debut show at The Jinx more than lived up to expectations.

And why shouldn’t it have surpassed expectations? Anders was a frontman for several bands in the past, most notably The Ex-Husbands, and he’s still a poised, confident, funny, and amazingly talented guitarist and vocalist — you can get a taste of his talents whenever Damon and the Shitkickers plays. I was thrilled to find out a few weeks ago that Anders has been developing his own material and recording an album at Elevated Basement Studio. When Anders let me hear rough cuts of a few tracks, I was even more excited to see the live show at The Jinx last week.

And how nice to see such a great cadre of musicians join him on stage. If you follow the Savannah scene, you’ll recognize some familiar faces in the pics below.