Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 1/29/15 – 2/3/15

Hey guys,
It looks like the weather is gonna be better this weekend. And the music is definitely going to be good. There are good shows almost every day between now and Wednesday. Some of the shows are even early. I hope to see some of you out this weekend.

Thursday 29th – I’ve seen these guys a few times before, they will make it worth going out on a Thursday night.  This will be a nice beginning for a music-filled Super Bowl weekend.
Dirk Quinn Band (Philadelphia jazz/funk) – Barrelhouse South
Eric Culberson (Sav’h blues) – Bayou Cafe

Friday 30th – There are a few choices tonight, there are even multiple all-ages shows early.  The Train Wrecks are having their Album Release at Graveface with an acoustic show and the concert at Trinity Church should be interesting as well.  I am really looking forward to the Cusses 5th anniversary show later this night.
Train WrecksGraveface Records (7p, all ages)
Colin Gilmore (Americana from Austin, son of Jimmy Dale Gilmore), Bottles & Cans (Sav’h blues) – Trinity Church (7p, $10, all ages)
Charlie Fog Band (Sav’h Grateful Dead tunes) – Molly MacPherson’s
Copious Jones, Blind Spots (Ithica,NY female-fronted five piece) – Barrelhouse South
Cusses, Crazy Bag Lady, Wet SocksJinx ($8)

Saturday 31st – Shitkicker Charlie Hodge will be moving out of state after this show, I hope everyone makes it out to tell him goodbye.  I certainly hope to catch the debut of the electrified American Hologram later this night, but will probably catch a sampling of many of the other good shows going on.
Damon & The Shitkickers (Sav’h outlaw country) – Jinx (6p)
City Hotel (Sav’h bluegrass) – Molly MacPherson’s
The Broadcast (female-fronted hard-edged soulful rock), Dead 27’s (Charleston southern blend of rock & soul) – Barrelhouse South
American Hologram, Train Wrecks, Colin Gilmore (Austin), Pierce Evans (Asheville) – Jinx

Tuesday 3rd – There are a couple of interesting shows at a few off-the-beaten-path venues this night.  Both shows are early and all-ages events.  And one of them has a spoon-lady.
Chris Rodriquez and Abby The Spoon LadyFoxy Loxy (7p)
Lovely Locks, Twin CourageSentient Bean

Wednesday 4th
Stephen Gilbert, Alex RafferyHang Fire
Burlesque ShowBayou Cafe