King Tuff, Ex Hex and Creepoid at Hang Fire TONIGHT! – preview

If you’ve already purchased your ticket to this show, good move, and go ahead and skip to the videos (it’s very trendy to say, but remember those?) of the bands.

However, if you’re still on the fence, or in the dark about this show, I can hear you now……”Well, I don’t really know those bands. Maybe I think I remember that Ex Hex played at The Stopover this year. We walked by Hang Fire and there were a bunch of people there (this should have been a clue), so we didn’t go in. My friend said that XM plays a bunch of King Tuff songs, but I let my subscription lapse. Creepoid? Don’t they live here now or something? Ughh, it’s on a Tuesday!”


This lineup is without a doubt one of the strongest that Savannah has seen in a while, in a club that is almost comically tiny for the bands that are playing. We’re more than a little lucky to have it and we probably won’t see it again. So buy a ticket online (it looks like this will sell out, so don’t show up without a ticket and bitch that you can’t get in. You’ve been warned), put on your big boy/girl pants and come out to see an amazing night of music. If you have to work on Wednesday you’re going to want to avoid the Scorpion Tea. Just sayin’.

Check out the bands:

King Tuff: First of all, he’s on Sub Pop Records. You know, the label that brought us Nirvana, Mudhoney, Sleater-Kinney, Soundgarden, Band of Horses, Death Cab for Cutie, The Shins……Yes, that Sub Pop. I’m going to call his music stoney, snotty garage pop, with some T. Rex riffs thrown in the mix. Very, very catchy stuff.

Ex Hex: Yep, they played Stopover and it was excellent. It will be excellent again. They’re on another taste making record label, Merge. This is hooky as hell, fun, female, power pop that made a ton of 2014 year end lists. Umm, Pitchfork? Yep. Drowned in Sound? Yep.

Creepoid: So Creepoid transplanted from Philly to Savannah, but you won’t see them much, because they tour CONSTANTLY. With bands like, oh I don’t know….AGAINST ME! or A Place to Bury Strangers. They’re playing with Dinosaur Jr. soon, so, yeah, kind of a big deal. Musically they’re a little less straightforward than the other bands, adding some shoe gaze and noise to the mix. Flat out cool.

See y’all at the rock show….unless you’re A DAMN FOOL.