Bane, Axis, Crazy Bag Lady, Without at The Guild Hall – Preview

Bane, Axis, Crazy Bag Lady and Without are playing The Guild Hall, 615 Montgomery St, Savannah on Saturday, January 17th. That’s tomorrow. Here’s the Facebook event page. Careful, it’s an early show. 5 o’clock.

I fully admit to knowing very little about Boston hardcore band Bane, other than the fact that the songs I’ve heard in the past have caught my attention. They formed during a weird musical period in my life when I was out of an urban punk scene, but didn’t yet have internet. I don’t really like to think about it. Dark times.

I don’t really know much about The Guild Hall yet, either, but they are suddenly booking some very, very interesting acts, and I have high hopes for it.

Anyway, let’s not talk anymore about what I don’t know, check this out. Seriously. Crazy.

And here’s an actual music video.

Axis, a metalcore band out of Florida, sounds pretty heavy duty, too. Check them out here.

And, by the powers of Youtube…a video.

Crazy Bag Lady, too? Of course. If you’ve somehow not seen them yet (you need to go to more shows, obviously), now’s your chance. One of the Hostess City’s best. Listen.

I’m also looking forward to seeing Without for the first time. They sound good.