all-ages shows with Kyle, XuluProphet, The Anxiety Junkies, Trophy Wives – photos

There were two all-ages shows of note in my neighborhood south of Forsyth Park in Savannah on Saturday night — and they started early. I dropped by both for a while to get a sense of the scene.

Trophy Wives took over the small stage at Graveface Records & Curiosities before 7 p.m. The young punk band snarled through a set of short, profane songs, and then The Anxiety Junkies ripped through a short set of their own. It was my first time seeing both young punk acts, and I’d go hear either again in a heartbeat. (But, kids in the audience, if you want to have a pit, you can’t do it for 30 seconds, force a dozen people to retreat from the small stage, and then quit.) The lighting was so lousy for photography that I resorted to flash, but that mainly lit up the oddly white backdrop. There was a young photographer up front who seemed to have the right equipment for the space, so there are some good pics out there somewhere.

I missed Still War at Graveface so I could get down to the Black Box at SPACE (the city of Savannah’s Cultural Affairs department) on Henry Street for Coastal Rock Productions‘ all-ages show. I’d never caught XuluProphet before, but was really impressed with the slick guitar work, solid percussion, and Xulu’s gravelly voice and charismatic stage presence. Kyle‘s moody instrumental prog rock had the audience enthralled, but I had to leave before headliner Fur Elise.

The lighting and sound at the Black Box were excellent, btw.

The crowd at Graveface seemed to have a lot of young college-aged attendees — I’d say most were 18 to 22 — while the Coastal Rock show had a somewhat older crowd. (Coastal Rock Productions has been reborn after about a decade, a history you can read more about here.) I like the latenight bars of Savannah, but there are a variety of audiences out there for good music that don’t want — or legally can’t enjoy — the bars or the booze. It’s great to see more programming to serve these audiences, although Savannah still needs to undo its asinine alcohol ordinance that prevents the sort of 18+ venues that exist in numerous cities across the state.

Coastal Rock Productions’ next show is at the relatively new Guild Hall and features The Independents, Black Cat Attack, Jeff Two Names and the Born Agains, and The Anxiety Junkies.

A shot of each band that I saw here, with a handful more after the jump:












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