Murder By Death releases new single

I think it’s safe to say that most of hissing lawns’ contributors were packed into the sold out Murder By Death show this past October at The Jinx. Yeah, we’re fans!


As you might know, Murder By Death’s new album hits the public on February 3. (That’s less then a month away!)

Noisey released the second single, “Send Me Home,” off the forthcoming, seventh studio album Big Dark Love, on Wednesday. Accompanying the song was a nice writeup from Dan Ozzi. (Check it out here).

Bloodshot Records out of Chicago put together a nice SoundCloud playlist of the singles today, which is embedded below. This release will be Murder By Death’s second with the 20-year old label.

The single “Strange Eyes” was released via SoundCloud a while back. You can pre-order the album on all formats here: Click me!

MBD premiered a few new tracks during their set back in October. If memory serves me correctly, “Send Me Home” was on the set list. (Read bill’s full write up here for all the details)

If these two tracks are any indication, this entire album is going to be yet another shinning staple of the 15-year career of the Bloomington, Indiana band that recently moved to Louisville, Ky.

hissing lawns will have a full review of the album later this month. Needless to say, we are pretty stoked about it … well, let me not speak for everyone. I know that bill and I are really excited!

Here’s some more pictures from The Jinx show…..

Murder by Death-4

Murder by Death-1


Murder by Death-2