Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour – 12/18/14 – 12/20/20

Hey guys,
There are several good choices for our music entertainment this week. It does seem that some of these choices drop off at the beginning of the week, so you better get your music fix this weekend. There are actually two big shows coming up. Luckily, one is Friday and one is Saturday, so you can make it to both of them. The annual Homegrown Holiday Hoedown is at the Legion Ballroom this Friday. That is always a fun event. And Feather & Freight is hosting a good show with several local favorites on Saturday. I believe the Saturday event is a bad Christmas Sweater event, so be sure to dress ugly.

Thursday 18th – There are a few shows on Thursday that look interesting. These are the ones that look best to me.
Strangled DarlingsSentient Bean (8-10p)
Eric CulbersonBayou Cafe
Danielle HicksB. Tillman

Friday 19th – I am looking forward to the Holiday Show at the Legion this year, it is always a great event. If you can’t make it there, I have listed a few more shows that look good. I am looking forward to finally catching Ben Keiser’s new band at Molly’s later this night.
Danielle Hicks BandRail Pub (6-9p)
Bottles & Cans Jazz’d
Gold Light, Elim Bolt, Sunglow, COEDSHang Fire
Strangled DarlingsSentient Bean (8-10p)
Those Cats Barrelhouse South
Ben Keiser BandMolly MacPherson’s Pub
Wet Brain, Wave Slaves Jinx
Train Wrecks, Accomplices, SOAP Homegrown Holiday HoedownAmerican Legion Ballroom ($15/20, 7p)

Saturday 20th – There are quite a few good choices on Saturday. I am looking forward to finally catching a show at Feather & Freight, and it is gonna be a good one, all three are some of Savannah’s best bands. There are several other good choices, I hope to catch another of my favorites, the Hypnotics, at Rocks on the Roof. It will be interesting to see if Ty and the boys can get that crowd dancing, like they do everywhere else. I’m hoping to make it to Congress Street for Les Racquet at Social and Magic Rocks at Molly’s to finish the evening.
Bottles & CansJinx
HypnoticsRocks On The Roof
Les RacquetCongress Street Social Club
Liquid Ginger – Boomy’s
Magic RocksMolly MacPherson’s
American Hologram, City Hotel, COEDSFeather & Freight ($5 + 1can of food)