Dope Body, Roomrunner, Psychic Teens, Ttotals + more at Graveface – photos

I’m really excited about Graveface Records and Curiosities as a venue lately. Sure it might be a Sunday evening, or Tuesday, or whatever, and turnout may be hit or miss, but the recent bookings have been consistently bold, interesting, and, well, different. As much as I love the acts that consistently play our small city, I love to see new acts stop through.

Such was the case Sunday night for the “DAY OF THE SKULLS MINI-FEST w/ Dope Body + Roomrunner + Paul Metzger + Tim Kaiser + Ttotals + Psychic Teens + Table + Ross Fish”. Yes, that’s a mouthful, and, yes, that’s a bunch of artists, and, yes, it was a ton of fun.

In a nutshell: I’ve been loving Dope Body‘s new album Lifer and live they were AMAZING. Call it punk, call it noise rock, call it aggro, but whatever you call it, I LOVE it. Roomrunner, Psychic Teens and Ttotals also rocked and Paul Metzger, Tim Kaiser and Jeff Zagers (Was/is he Table? Or was he a substitute? I don’t know.) made interesting soundscapes with various electronics, instruments, knob turning, and manipulations. I missed Ross Fish. But, yeah, DOPE BODY! Mesmerizing.

You guys missed it, but I took pictures. More after the jump.

Dope Body-3


Psychic Teens
Psychic Teens-1

Psychic Teens-2

Psychic Teens-3




Tim kaiser
Tim Kaiser-1




Dope Body
Dope Body-2

Dope Body-3

Dope Body-4

Dope Body-5

Dope Body-6

Dope Body-7

Dope Body-8

Dope Body-9

Did I mention Dope Body? Sooo good. Highly recommended for fans of The Jesus Lizard, Pissed Jeans, and things that don’t suck.