remembering Athon

Jonathan Athon, best known around Savannah and around the world as the bass player in Black Tusk, passed away today from injuries sustained on Friday night when his motorcycle was cut off by a driver who apparently ran a stop sign.

Here’s the post this afternoon from Black Tusk:

Athon lit up every room he walked into. He exuded warmth and graciousness. He embraced life and people and music — symbolically and physically.

Most of the contributors here at hissing lawns were touched by Athon’s incredible spirit in some way, but the pain we feel at his passing must only be a pale shadow compared to the emotions that others are feeling tonight.

A few photos that Tom and I have taken over the last couple years:

black tusk-19

black tusk-32



Black Tusk at The Jinx


Black Tusk-13

Black Tusk-22