Murder By Death pre-selling new album, other perks via Kickstarter

Murder By Death certainly didn’t need a Kickstarter campaign to fund their upcoming album Big Dark Love, but it has proved a successful platform for the band in the past and is a great way to give fans all sorts of ways of getting closer. I committed to buy vinyl of the new album, which I would have done anyway, and I bought one of the $50 tickets for a show in a cavern in Louisville, Ky. in June 2015. I don’t know what I’ll be doing then, but I have people in Kentucky; surely I can get to a show, right?

I envy the $3500 pledger who is going to go to Graceland and hang out with MBD in Memphis.

So, yes, MBD started this campaign about 30 hours ago, and they’ve already raised over $118,000. But such great marketing couldn’t happen without great music and a committed fan base.

By the way, remember when Murder By Death played in Savannah a couple weeks ago and gave a shoutout to a photographer who had requested their new song “Big Dark Love”? I didn’t know at the time that would be the title track of the new album, but it sure is a strong song. I can’t wait to hear the rest.

Here’s Adam Turla: