Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 11/5/14 – 11/10/14

Hey guys,
This week is made for all of you that complain about music starting too late. Almost every night this week has a quality show on by 8pm. So I know you all are going to make an extra effort to get down here this week and see one of these shows.

Wednesday 5th – I will be spending most of the night at the Savannah Music Festival Announcement Show with AJ Ghent. I have seen this sacred steel guitarist a few times over the years and he always puts on an excellent show. If I’m still in the mood for some music after that, the Boomy’s will have some blues from Eric Culberson..
AJ Ghent – SMF Announcement ShowCharles Morris Center (7:30p)
Eric CulbersonBoomy’s

Thursday 6th – There are a few choices tonight, not sure where I’ll end up.
Yo Mama’s Big Fat Booty Band, OmingnomeBarrelhouse South
Dame Darcy, Eliza Rickman, Faery TeethJinx
Bastard Sons Of Johnny Cash, Train WrecksTrinity Methodist Church ($10, 7:30p, all ages)

Friday 7th – I hope to make it out early enough to catch a little of the Graveface show, then I will head to the Civic Center for the John Prine show, I hope to see some of you there. I’ve listed some other choice shows, if you aren’t going to the Civic Center.
The Daddyo’s, Annabelle Chairlegs, Lovely Locks Graveface (6-9, all ages)
John Prine, Jason IsabelleJohnny Mercer Theater
AM Rodriguez, Tail Light RebellionJinx ($5)
Reckless AbandonCongress Street Social Club
Waits & Co. – Foxy Loxy (7-10p, all ages)
Magic RocksWarehouse
Nickel Bag Of FunkWorld Of Beer

Saturday 8th – Don’t forget the Rock n’ Roll Marathon is today. Surely the worst-advertised one yet. I haven’t heard who will be playing on the course or if they will have a concert in Forsyth at the end, as they did in previous years. I’ll start the evening off with some BBQ and a show from one of my favorites, American Hologram. Be sure to pick up their new CD if you make it to the show. Lots of good choices after that.  If you’ve never seen Captured! By Robots, you should try to make it to the Jinx tonight, it’s an amazing show.
American Hologram Album ReleaseBub-Ba-Q (6p)
Captured! By Robots, Volume IV, Johnny Octane Jinx
Craig Waters & The Flood, Shack Band – Congress Street Social Club
Movers & Shakers Album Release PartyAmpersand

Sunday 9th – More early show fun. There are lots of choices for early music this Sunday. There is an all day show at Graveface, the Foundery is having their First Anniversary Party, or City Hotel is hosting a CD fundraiser. Later that evening, I hope to finish out the weekend with a set or two from another of my favorites, Jubal Kane at Barrelhouse.
Day Of The Skulls Minifest – Dope Body, Roomrunner, Paul Metzger, Ttotals, Psychic Teens, Table, Ross FishGraveface (3p, $10, all ages)
City Hotel Fundraiser – (6:30p, details on City Hotel FB page)
Ambrose, Jeff Two-Names & The Born Agains, TagalongsFoundery Anniversary (7:30p)
Jubal KaneBarrelhouse South

Tuesday 11th – I haven’t heard that this show sold out yet, but I know it was getting close a few days ago. Better get tickets now, this one will be worth losing a little sleep over.
Rev. Horton Heat, COEDS, Wave SlavesJinx ($20/25)

[editor’s note: Phillip Phillips is playing the Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon in Forsyth, with Cranford Hollow and Nickel Bag of Funk. Click here for the Forsyth schedule and here for the course lineup.]