No Control fest at Hang Fire, punk + burlesque at The Jinx – photos of a weird night

When I got downtown about 8 p.m. on Saturday night, Damon and the Shitkickers were nearing the end of their traditional happy hour set at The Jinx. Around the corner at Hang Fire, No Control’s fall fest had already been going for two hours — I got there just in time for electricparK., husband and wife rappers with sharp senses of timing and of the absurd.

If so many people were already out and about listening to live music before 8 p.m., why do so few Savannah shows start before 10 or 10:30?

Anyway, that’s another blog post. Hang Fire was pretty awesome all night — diverse styles, a wide range of fans, great energy. After electricparK., Whaleboat delivered a fantastic set — one of the best I’ve ever heard from the band that has played only sporadic gigs of late. I also saw Culture Vulture for the first time — what’s not to love about a jazzy, progressive instrumental 3-piece that includes a trombone? Later, I caught just enough of Charlotte-based indie act Grown Up Avenger Stuff to know that I want to hear a lot more.

In the midst of those acts, I slipped over to The Jinx for an excellent set by punk band Crazy Bag Lady. CBL, which was on Saturday night embracing some sort of Halloween theme that included blond wigs and the name Swayze Bag Lady (I didn’t get the joke at all), has played as many gigs as any young Savannah act over the last year — and now they have a tightly honed live show and a record deal with Retro Futurist. Hard work pays off.

After Crazy Bag Lady, The Savannah Sweet Tease Burlesque Revue took the stage before a packed club. There’s something quite disturbing and wonderful about a burlesque performer dressed as Freddy Krueger . . .

All in all, an excellent night, even though I missed several acts I hoped to see at Hang Fire, including CUSSES. Here are some pics — not very many and not particularly good ones. The lighting at Hang Fire is always tough, but I was mainly distracted by just the sheer combination of energy, artistry, and friends.

A couple shots here with more after the jump: