Weekend at The Jinx – Jeff Two Names and The Born Agains, Canopy, Sins of Godless Men, Rotten Blush, The Powder Room, Bear Fight! – photos

I spent both Friday night and Saturday night at The Jinx, here’s my attempt at speed reviewing the 6 bands that I saw.

Friday night:
Jeff Two Names and the Born Agains: Savannah’s best pop punk band (running unopposed). New bass player is good looking.

Canopy, or 2/3 of Canopy: Bass player was, ummm, detained, so huge, thick, syrupy, instrumental Sabbath grooves were born of guitar and drums only. Hell yeah. Out of Atlanta.

Sins of Godless Men: Heavy rock trio who changed drummers mid set. New drummer (John from Coastlines) hits hard. General rock goodness, with enough sense to provide some light of their own on stage.

Saturday night:

Rotten Blush: Really didn’t know much going in, but I heard a Queens of the Stone Age vibe, which sounded pretty damn good.

The Powder Room: Noise rock out of Atlanta. Totally my speed and as such, one of the best bands I’ve seen out of Atlanta recently and my favorite set of the weekend. I’ll go see them every time.

Bear Fight!: I love Bear Fight! and they always draw a good crowd. Set was great, but for the love of God, could someone please put some light on the stage? Looking forward to hearing new songs soon.

Jeff Two Names and the Born Agains-2

Sins of Godless Men-4

Jeff Two Names and the Born Agains
Jeff Two Names and the Born Agains-1

Jeff Two Names and the Born Agains-3



Sins of Godless Men
Sins of Godless Men-1

Sins of Godless Men-2

Sins of Godless Men-3

Sins of Godless Men-5

Sins of Godless Men-6

Sins of Godless Men-7

Rotten Blush
Rotten Blush-1

Rotten Blush-2

The Powder Room
Powder Room-1

Powder Room-2

Powder Room-3

Powder Room-4

Bear Fight!
Bear Fight!-1

Bear Fight!-2

Bear Fight!-3