CUSSES at The Jinx on Sat., 10/11

We’ll have more soon about CUSSES‘ new album Golden Rat, so this post is just a reminder that the trio will be hitting The Jinx on Saturday, 10/11 in a show with Baby Baby. Click here for the Facebook invite.

We’ve mentioned CUSSES any number of times here at hissing lawns, but if you aren’t familiar with the band’s hard-hitting rock and charismatic stage presence, check out Anna Chandler’s CUSSES find their voice. (Yep, Anna was a contributor here; now she’s one of Connect’s editors.) From Anna, about lead singer Angel Bond’s recent health issue:

As a result, Connect Savannah’s reader-voted “Best Local Vocalist” struggles to reach her full range, and was forced to cancel a handful of summer shows in order to heal.

“It makes me sing out of key or flat,” says Bond. “They say it’s going to take it a while to get it under wraps.”

But if she let that stop her…well, then she wouldn’t be Angel Bond.

Since CUSSES hit Savannah in 2009, Bond has booked shows and tours, orchestrated entire festivals (and successfully dealt with the city attempting to shut down said festivals), and managed a short-lived but incredibly influential all-ages venue.

Angel has been dealing with the voice issue for a while, but it sure didn’t hurt performances that I’ve seen in recent months at Bragg Jam in Macon and at Statts Fest at The Jinx just a few weeks ago.

From Joshua Peacock’s “CUSSES and Baby Baby bring ‘fun rock’ to The Jinx” in Do Savannah, regarding the status of the excellent new record:

After a successful Kickstarter campaign, CUSSES has completely finished a second album. They are currently waiting on the vinyl pressings, but have already began distributing digital copies to supporters who donated through the crowd-sourcing website.

They plan on a “soft release” early next year for supporters who purchased the vinyl edition. A public release has not yet been planned. While they released their first on their own label, and might do so again, they are currently in talks with several different labels and are holding off on announcing the public release.

And if you’re just landing on this post to see some photos of CUSSES, we’ve got a couple here with more after the jump: