Whirr, Cloakroom, Creepoid and Crazy Bag Lady at Graveface Records and Curiosities – photos

Whoa! What a great crowd and show last night at Graveface. Other than house shows, it’s pretty much the only option for an all ages show in Savannah. And, hold onto your hats here, people under the age of 21 apparently love great music, too. I mean, who knew, except for those of us who were once under 21?

It sure doesn’t hurt that Graveface (the label) has a great roster and list of contacts to pull interesting shows from either. Whirr just released an awesome album on Graveface, recently relocated to Savannah band Creepoid has released tunes on the label, Crazy Bag Lady’s vocalist works at the store, and Cloakroom, well, I don’t actually know how they fit into all of this, but whatever, they were amazing, too.

The record store/venue was fairly packed when I arrived, and Crazy Bag Lady was already in the midst of their set on the newly expanded stage. The band was super tight, fresh off recording their debut record for Retro Futurist, and the Graveface sound system sounded as good as I have ever heard it. We were off to a tremendous start to the evening.

Can we talk for a minute about what a fantastic addition to the Savannah music scene Creepoid is? Their heavy/shoegaze/experimental sound sits nicely between the old guard Savannah metal and the up and coming garage/pysch bands that are soooo good in the city right now. They had stopped in their new home base between tour outings and jumped on the bill at the last minute. They were super appreciative of the crowd, but we were the lucky ones. Very, very, very impressed.

After battling through the crowd to get their equipment on stage and set up, the trio that is Indiana’s Cloakroom played a great, grungey, heavy, down tempo set that reminded me of Hum at times, and was interesting at all times. Good stuff.

Whirr‘s set started with some technical issues, specifically drawing too many amps from a breaker box that had admirably stood up to a grueling evening to that point. The band tried playing in the pitch dark to lighten the electrical load to no avail. Power went out 4 times, except for a single faux flame lightbulb that somehow continued to flicker above the band, until finally a cord was run into the next building to spread the punishment to multiple breaker boxes. The band then was finally able to play their headlining set of hazy metallic shoegaze to the crowd that was packed up against the stage.

Bravo to everyone involved, it was a sweaty, loud, sublime evening of music.

Same deal as usual, a couple photos here, many more after the jump.



Crazy Bag Lady
Crazy Bag Lady-4

Crazy Bag Lady-3

Crazy Bag Lady-2

Crazy Bag Lady-1









Cloak Room-1

Cloak Room-2

Cloak Room-3

Cloak Room-4



And, oh yeah, everyone be cool and don’t screw up this venue. Seriously.