fundraising underway for new kidney for Keith Kozel, frontman of GAM, Superhorse, more

Keith Kozel is a rock star, a father, and many other things — all wonderful. And it turns out that Keith has been facing some serious health problems for a while now. From the Givefoward page Keith Kozel’s Medical Fund: Keith Needs a Kidney!:

Keith Kozel is a longtime, beloved fixture on Savannah, Ga.’s arts, entertainment and culinary scenes.

As a singer and songwriter, he is known internationally as the energetic, charismatic frontman for alternative rock bands GAM, Superhorse, The Hall Monitor and the Foxedos. […]

Despite living an extremely healthy lifestyle all his life, for the past five years, Keith has suffered quietly with Type 2 MPGN, a degenerative kidney disease.

After more than 20 trips to both the esteemed Mayo Clinic and Emory Hospital, doctors are still unable to determine what caused this condition.

A debilitating stroke has left him with permanent vision impairment, and both of his kidneys are now in the final stages of failure.

Keith has recently been forced to leave his job of close to 25 years (as kitchen manager at Savannah’s famed downtown pizzeria Vinnie Van Go-Go’s) due to health reasons.

So let’s start ponying up some bucks. Both Tom and I got some fun shots of Keith on stage not so long ago, when Superhorse opened for The Woggles at The Jinx — a few here with more after the jump: