Waits & Co., The Toothe, and A.M. Rodriguez at Ampersand – photos

On a sweltering, and rainy Saturday night, three acts who had never played together before came to Ampersand to put on a show. I’m usually my own harshest critic, but I can say that locals A.M. Rodriguez, Waits & Co., and touring act The Toothe (Asheville, N.C.) gave the paying audience their money’s worth. There is a gamble in musicians putting together a ‘door charge’ Savannah show when so many venues offer free music by paying the bands themselves. In itself it can be great for ‘working’ musicians, but in many ways it also inhibits the general public from coming out to paid performances. Most musicians that I’m associated with are living hand to mouth, have to maintain some form of day job, and touring is usually a loss in personal funds, not a gain. I certainly am not trying to preach to our readers, but when artists work hard at their craft and see neither financial gain, or audience appreciation, it can take a toll, and make them wonder about their career choices.

If you love music…support the people who are making it. Alright…enough said…now on with the show!

The following images were taken by me (Jon Waits) except of Waits & Co. which were shot by local blogger and DoSavannah photographer Adriana Iris Boatwright.

AM Rodriguez-1

AM Rodriguez-2

AM Rodriguez-4

Waitsco-adriana shots-1

Waitsco-adriana shots-4

Waitsco-adriana shots-6