Murder By Death returning to The Jinx in Savannah on 10/23

Last night, I was on the last flight from Lexington, Ky. to Charlotte with just 11 other people — all traveling alone. It was right after a dramatic sunset, and I was listening — yes, again — to Murder By Death through my headphones. On this flight, I just went with the most obvious option: the stellar 2012 album Bitter Drink, Bitter Moon.

And then the flight attendant made the rounds and brought us all free drinks — and not just soda. I ordered a Jack & Coke. And then she came around with free bags of snacks. True story.

You might not always get free booze and nuts when you listen to Murder By Death, but you’ll feel like you were just given something really good for free, no matter how awful a person you are.

So I’m just thrilled that Murder By Death will be making their way from their new home in Louisville to The Jinx here in Savannah in October:

This will be the band’s third appearance at The Jinx — the first was during the inaugural Savannah Stopover and the most recent was at the club’s 10th anniversary party a year ago. We posted photos of that most recent gig here and here.

I was also lucky that one of my recent trips to Kentucky coincided with Murder By Death’s show in Adam and Sarah’s new hometown of Louisville. I took some photos of that show too, and heard a new song that will presumably be on the band’s upcoming album, which MBD has been recording in Louisville this summer. I can’t wait to hear it. More free booze, more free nuts.

A few shots from this summer at Headliners:

MurderByDeathHeadliners-24 (1)