Wet Socks, Zulu Wave, Bully Pulpit, Wave Slaves, Hotplate at Hang Fire and The Jinx – photos

I walked back and forth between The Jinx and Hang Fire six times Friday night and caught five great sets of cranked up rock. Here’s some super quick thoughts:

Hotplate is quickly turning into one of my favorite local bands. I love tight, complex, instrumental rock in the vein of Don Caballero, Pelican and Russian Circles and Hotplate’s winding riffs seem to get tighter every time I see them, which is as often as I can. Good “early” crowd at The Jinx, “early” meaning 10:30 ish.

I missed Fare the Gap (again), but hopefully Zulu Wave makes Savannah a regular stop, as they played an energetic set at Hang Fire to an appreciative, well lubricated crowd. I could have used a little more vocals in the mix, but it sounds like the songs are there and I dug it. Their Facebook profile says “noise rock” but I hear old school Braid, maybe? I’d definitely check them out again.

Back at The Jinx, Wave Slaves cranked out their classic surf rock set and looked like they had a damn good time doing it.

Wet Socks are drawing some of the better crowds in town currently, and, boy, do they know how to get them moving. Stooges cover, too? Hell, yeah. I can’t wait for the upcoming LP on Retro Futurist. So good.

Bully Pulpit, out of Charleston, unfortunately, experienced the occasional late night Jinx crowd drop off. Those of us that were there were treated to a great set of dirty, heavy rock and a mess of a front flip over the monitor and onto the floor by the lead singer. Yikes.

Bully Pulpit-5

Wet Socks-6




Zulu Wave
Zulu Wave-1

Zulu Wave-2

Zulu Wave-3

Zulu Wave-4

Zulu Wave-5

Wave Slaves
Wave Slaves-2

Wave Slaves-1

Wet Socks
Wet Socks-1

Wet Socks-2

Wet Socks-3

Wet Socks-4

Wet Socks-5

Bully Pulpit
Bully Pulpit-1

Bully Pulpit-2

Bully Pulpit-3

Bully Pulpit-4

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