Larry Jack’s Magical Music Tour 7/31/14 – 8/5/14

Hey guys,
It is not very often that I talk about music that is not in downtown Savannah, but last week’s Macon Bragg Jam Bus was a rousing success. It was a great time for everyone involved. I met a couple of new friends and got to see as many bands as I possibly could. I certainly hope that the Bus is an annual event, because I am ready to buy my ticket now.

There does seem to be a slight lull in the number of shows this week, but definitely not in the quality of the music going on. As far as I am concerned, that just means I can see (almost) everyone I want to see. I would like to point out a couple of shows that I am really looking forward to seeing. Eric Sommer is returning to Abe’s On Lincoln tonight [Thursday]. He is an excellent blues musician (although his Facebook page says pop/folk/acoustic) and always puts on a good show. And Abe’s is a great venue to see live music in, although they don’t have touring musicians as much as I wish they did. The Accomplices are returning to Savannah after their Alaskan(!) show. This is one of the best bands in Savannah and I try to catch them as often as I can. I haven’t had the chance to chance to catch SheHeHe yet, but I am looking forward to their show at the Jinx on Saturday. Here are those picks and more suggestions:

Thursday 7/31/14
Ted Browne (from Passafire) – Barrelhouse South
Adron, Fare The Gap, Moon GangHang Fire
Eric SommerAbe’s on Lincoln (10p)
TimeCop vs DangerSnake (from the Accomplices) – Molly MacPherson’s
Black Pussy, Rotten BlushJinx

Friday 8/1/14
AccomplicesMolly MacPherson’s
Eric CulbersonBoomy’s
Reckless AbandonCongress Street Social Club

Saturday 8/2/14
Ray Lundy & Joe NelsonMolly McGuires
Massey Boys, Daniel Nickels –
First Presbyterian Church (7p, all ages)
Train Wrecks
World Of Beer
Blackfoot GypsiesCongress Street Social Club
HypnoticsMolly MacPherson’s
SheHeHe, StarbendersJinx

Sunday 8/3/14
Aaron & Cory (from City Hotel) – Jazz’d
Jonathan Scales FourchestraBarrelhouse South

Monday 8/4/14
Jerkagram, Star Period Star, Doom SaladGraveface Records (6p, all ages)

Tuesday 8/5/14
Steven Baumgardner (from Ambrose) – Foxy Loxy Cafe (8-11p, all ages)